2010 Jump!BIG Girl

Jump! BIG Girl! is a project led by Director Hung Hung, who invites two other new directors to present three short plays – An Anoxia Space Capsule of Lovers, Smoking Is Hazardous to Health, and The New Step. An Anoxia Space Capsule of Lovers is a self-written, self-directed, and self-performed solo show, which reveals the inner world of a contemporary teenage girl in a sci-fi way. Inspired by Chekhov’s On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco, Smoking Is Hazardous to Health invites the best film actress Yi-Ching Lu to perform on stage, while The New Step is adapted from Canadian poet and singer Leonard Cohen’s only play and performed by a variety star and an experienced theatre actress. Three short plays together make up a complete theatrical experience, reflecting on mainstream values in an ironic and comedic way.

May 28─ Jun 6 Wenshan Theatre

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