2013 Das Zauberhaus : The Phantom of Liberty

Das Zauberhaus is a challenge of performing two plays on one stage: Seven performers act out two different plays on the same stage alternately in three weeks. It includes Jean-Claude Carrière’s work in 1997 La Terrasse and Director Hung Hung’s award-winning script The Phantom of Liberty.
The story of The Phantom of Liberty takes place at a magical house, reviewing the social changes of Taiwan after Martial Law being liftedin a detective-story way.It begins with a dialogue between an old writer who was once a political prisoner and a best-selling young female writer, and then space-time is distorted, ages reversed, logic broken and rebuilt… It’s as if a game of intelligence which delves into the deep memory of White Terror. Is the “liberty” we depend on merely a phantom? Can we still trust it?

Dec 13─ Dec 29 Wellspring Theatre


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