2014 Die Walküre of Der Ring des Nibelungen: A Revolution Unarmed

Der Ring des Nibelungen: A Revolution Unarmed is a Dark-Eyes project which invites Riverbed Theatre, EX-Theatre Asia, and Against Again Troupe to perform the tetralogy of Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen and receives sponsorship of the National Culture and Arts Foundation under the “Pursuit of Excellence Project for the Performing Arts. ”Die Walküre adapted by Hung Hung, begins with resounding music of Ride of the Valkyries, taking audience to a power plant where labors quietly handle nuclear waste. It portrays two miserable families hostile to each other: from love and hatred between fathers and daughters, the cold shoulder of husbands and wives, to contrast between different third persons, from eloping siblings, a patricide-committing son, a failing husband, to rebellious teenagers… The portrait of miserable families in the 19th century becomes a more dramatic one in the 21st century.

Jun 6─ Jun 8 Taipei Huashan Creative Park

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