2016 Les fourberies de Myriam

Crazy! Pungent! Hilarious! An Austronesian Musical Version of French Farce

Immigrant Residents Striking Back and Thoroughly Overthrowing the Master-Maid Relations


Based on French playwright Molière’s les fourberies de Scapin, Director and Playwright Hung Hung elaborates on his imagination to make eight professional actresses, immigrant residents, and native aboriginals to take turns and play eight characters on the stage, reflecting the realities in contemporary Taiwan society with sarcastic ironies.

The story is about Myriam, a foreign domestic helper, who collaborates with another maid to help two couples with white lies and tricks. At the end, both couples have happy endings, while Myriam is facing punishment. Can she get out of troubles with another trick?

In this comedy, rich and powerful masters are all idiots, while poor and underprivileged maids are smart. Brave farce brings audiences with merriments but also subtly reveals the helplessness and sorrow of being at the lowest level of the social hierarchy. With multilingual presentation as well as songs and dance, the production highlights the features from Southeast Asia and leaves a space for unlimited imagination for the future development of Taiwan’s theater.

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